October 2014

acts29 with faith

End of last Oct 2014, I went on a 8 days solo trip to share my Excel
knowledge with the scholar of acts29 and spend time with the community in Erap and Payatas. It was truly an enlightening and heartwarming experience.

On the last night of my stay with the children and scholars of acts29, they
threw a surprise mini farewell party for me. Each of them wrote a message
for me showing their gratiude of my presence.
I told them I gained much more from them than I had shared with them.

I learn from them to stay strong, happy and contented despite the few
things they have, the challenges they face from their family, the living
conditions that they are in. They are so rich with happiness and faith in
Christ.. This valuable experience serves as a reminder that I remain strong
and positive despite the daily challenges in life.

Thank you so much, children from acts29! Stay cheerful and healthy!
God bless!

Love from Faith, Singapore.

acts29 faith thank you