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Immersion Experience (11 to 18 June)

Called to Serve

Many years ago, I went for my first mission trip to Payatas. I thought I could change their world.



Instead, these children changed my outlook the meaning of life.

They taught me how to be thankful for the blessings I have and learn to live simply.

They touched my lives even though I went there expecting to touch theirs.

If you feel called to share your faith and spread the good news, come join us for our next Immersion Experience to Erap and Payatas.

Dates: 11-18 June 2017

Theme: Called to Serve

Trip Briefing: Saturday 25th March 10am

Preparation dates: to be confirmed

Airfare: $400 – $500 (with Cebu Pacific or Jetstar)

Food and Accommodation: $30 per day


They have made a difference in my life

Reflection of an Immersion Trip 
Before going on the trip, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect as I had never been on a mission trip before. To be honest, it took a lot of my father’s convincing to finally persuade me to go. However, after the first day, I was touched by the warmth, kindness and happiness of the people there, Even though they have so little in comparison to us; the look of joy on a child’s face as I played with them or read to them is really something I have never experienced before. I realised that it’s the little things in life we take for granted. Street lamps, beds, shower heads and even education. While we dread going to school, they yearn just to have an education. Even though they live a much simpler life than ours, they are still able to find joy in their lives, rarely complaining.This made me think about how wasteful I am in my own life, mindlessly spending money and constantly wasting food. Overall, it changed my perspective on life and I find myself being more conscious about my decisions. It has also spurred me to want to return to make a greater difference in their lives, as they have made a difference in mine.
Ohana Naidu
December 2015